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About Us
Dr. Fazio, Dr. Youker and their staff are committed to treating every patient with the highest degree of quality and compassion in the most convenient and efficient manner. They utilize a team approach to provide excellence, convenience, peace of mind, experience and comfort. We strive to live by the Golden Rule. Our knowledgeable front office is eager to assist with scheduling, billing and general questions. Our skilled back office is devoted to treating each patient with kindness and compassion. Our accomplished physicians are thoroughly equipped to treat the patient’s physical needs while attending to their emotional needs as well.
Our Staff
Doctors Fazio and Youker offer over 30 years of commitment to treating the most difficult skin cancers and have treated over 35,000 tumors throughout their careers. They specialize in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and are authorities in cutaneous oncology, treating all cutaneous tumors. They offer advanced treatment of melanoma and are proud to have been the first laboratory in Northern California to introduce Mart-I stains. These stains have revolutionized the treatment of melanoma allow our physicians to treat over 130 melanomas annually. Doctors Fazio and Youker are also experts in reconstructive surgery following the removal of skin cancer. Their philosophy in reconstructive surgery is to use the simplest approach that gives the best possible outcome. Through their extensive training and vast clinical experience, our physicians have developed surgical techniques and “tricks” individualized for each person to minimize scarring.

Both Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker are fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and are board certified in Dermatology. They are both fellows of the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS). Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker have also served as directors of Mohs training programs approved by the ACMS, which gives them the ability to train future Mohs surgeons.

Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker are the recipients of multiple “Best Doctor Awards”. Together, they have more than 70 publications related to their specialty and have been invited guest lecturers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker take great pride in hiring and training the most knowledgeable, well-qualified, caring and friendly staff. We strive to treat each patient as we would a family member. Dr. Fazio, Dr. Youker, and their staff are grateful for the privilege to be given the opportunity to participate in your care. We are always available to assist you in any way possible.
Convenience and Peace of Mind
From the time of the referral to our office, patients can be assured that the ultimate care will be provided. All patients will be contacted and scheduled promptly and appropriately in relation to their individual diagnosis. We are contracted with most insurance companies. Our office staff will obtain insurance authorizations. In most cases we are able to perform the consultation, Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery on the same day. All patients are contacted within 24 hours following the surgery to ensure post operative recovery is progressing well.
Our Facility
We are conveniently located close to major freeways. We take great pride in providing a clean, comfortable and pleasant experience while at our facility. Patient comfort is a top priority and is exemplified in our facility, our staff, and in the care that we provide. The quiet waiting room is complete with comfortable chairs, various magazines and reading material, hand held video games, many convenient wheelchair accessible restrooms, a refrigerator and microwave, and an assortment of refreshments available for patient and companion use.

Our treatment rooms are comfortable, clean and sanitary. Our staff takes every measure to ensure your highest degree of privacy and safety while in these rooms.

We have a CLIA certified laboratory where all of the tissue processing takes place. This is also where Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker personally examine each cell underneath the microscope to ensure that all cancer has been removed.
Multi-Specialty Care
Although most skin cancers can be completely treated by Dr. Fazio and Dr. Youker at our facility, occasionally there is a need for multi-specialty care. Through their years of experience, they have developed a close working relationship with excellent physicians of many different specialties for the optimal care of the patient.