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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is an advanced treatment procedure for skin cancers. It offers the highest cure rate for all skin cancers. Mohs micrographic surgery was first developed in the 1930's by Dr. Frederic Mohs. The procedure is sometimes referred to as Mohs Chemosurgery because chemicals were originally used to remove the tumor. The tumors treated today are removed surgically without chemicals.


  1. The surgery involves initially removing the visible tumor. An additional layer of "normal appearing" tissue is then removed and the exact orientation is color coded.

  2. The "layer" is then taken to the laboratory where it is frozen and processed with special stains for examination under a microscope.

  3. If microscopic "roots" of the tumor are identified by the surgeon, they are carefully mapped out and additional surgery is performed in these areas only.

  4. Because the tumor is carefully and microscopically mapped out, only diseased tissue is removed and healthy tissue is conserved.

  5. The beauty of Mohs surgery is that it is the only surgical technique which allows for microscopic evaluation of the surgical margins; therefore, only cancerous tissue is removed.


Mohs surgery leads to the smallest possible wound, which in turn allows for the smallest possible scar. Tumors in high-risk locations such as the head and neck are best treated by Mohs surgery. Also, those cancers which have recurred or failed to respond to other treatments will benefit from Mohs surgery. Sometimes the biopsy will show a very aggressive cancer, which can also indicate a need for Mohs surgery.

Our physicians have multiple publications related to Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery and have been invited guest lecturers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to speak about this topic.

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